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Pocket VNA (My New Toy)


A few years back, actually a lot of years back, when I got into the industry my boss sat me down in front of the HP8510 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).  It was brand new, still had that factory smell to it.  I was told it was serial number 0002 and if I broke it, I'd be working the rest of my life to pay it off.  The entire setup was around $500K.  What made this VNA special, it was one of the first true digital analyzers.  The HP8510 took advantage of onboard computing.  Up until this point the way you normalize a trace was to take a grease pencil and mark its location on the screen.  For a microwave engineeer this was like trading in your horse for a car. 

So, one night in boredom I was looking on the internet and I found an ad for a pocket VNA (NanoVNA, image on the upper right).  A touch screen VNA with a USB interface for $50.  For $50, I figured what-the-hell.  OK, it is bandwidth limited to about 1.5GHz, dynamic range is only about 50dB, and it really is only a glorified one port analyzer but it is a true VNA, and only costs $50.  It comes with software so it can be used with a computer, tablet, or cell phone.  The software allows you to save & load calibrations, perform adapter removal calibrations, correction offsets, reference extensions, and even has built-in functions to convert to Time Domain.  No longer will you need to grab 2 people to push the VNA up the ramp into the screen room.  Now you just put it in your pocket.  Yes, "the times are a-changing".

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LabVIEW 2020, Great but ...

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For years I have maintained a LabVIEW perpetual license, but I never took the time to update it.  LabVIEW 2012 did everything I needed so why bother.  The other day I was reading about LabVIEW NXG (Next Generation) and I wanted to see what it was all about.  So, the other night I had some time and downloaded the new 2020 LabVIEW.  And it was at that moment I remembered why I haven't upgraded. 

LabVIEW 2020 comes with both LabVIEW and LabVIEW NXG in the same package.  It took about 4 hours to load everything and installed pretty painlessly.  But then I loaded a couple of VIs that I had written a while back when all the problems started.  LabVIEW cycled through updating everything the way that it does but when it came to the NI-DAQmx references it choked.  All of the cDAQ references in the VI came back unresolved.  As it turns out, the cDAQ I have (cDAQ-9172) is no longer supported in the NI-DAQmx API.  The drivers for cDAQ-9171 & cDAQ-9174 are but not the cDAQ-9172.  They are all the same family, so why NI would support one and not the other is beyond me.  In any case, I lost 3 days screwing around with it.       

I was looking though some of the NI forums when I found an article which says you can install LabVIEW 2020, then removed the existing NI-DAQmx driver and replace it with the 17.5 version.  So far, everything seems to work but I do not think I am out of the woods yet.  I'll write a couple of new VIs to test it out and will let you know.  BTW the cRIO which I bought for FIRST Robotics is no longer supported either.  With all that said, I'll probably not upgrade again 'til 2028.  

NI-DAQmx 20.1 Readme
Status Code - 209852



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